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Welcome Back Unikits

Unikits is a website dedicated to providing medical equipment to students in relevant courses such as physiotherapy.  We have had 30 years’ experience supplying the medical industry in Australia through our Liberty brand, and we take pride in supplying only the best quality products to our customers.  You may already be familiar with our Liberty brand, as it is used in most universities and TAFES throughout Australia.  We have a vast range of physiotherapy supplies to choose from and these are available either as individual products or as kits created especially for physio students.

Unikits has the resources to meet all of your course supply requirements, offering good quality brands at reasonable prices. If you decide to go with a pre-prepared physio kit, it will be stocked with everything you need for your course.  These kits can include products such as un-medicated dressings, non-woven triangular bandages, crepe and conforming bandages, latex gloves, alcohol wipes, hot and cold packs, free spray, heat rubs, ointments and creams, as well as any other piece of equipment you require for your course.  We have a range of different types of physio kits to choose from, so you can pick the one that best meets your needs. Therefore, depending on your budget and course requirements, you can find large high end kits, or smaller, more basic kits for those just starting out.


Unikits is a website dedicated to providing medical equipment to students in relevant courses such as physiotherapy.


When choosing where to purchase your physio kits and course supplies from, it is important to choose the best supplier that can meet your needs. This will not only ensure that the kits and products you require are going to be available when you need them, but will also ensure that there are going to be different options to choose from when purchasing your kit. Having more options to choose from when you are looking for physio kits and supplies means that you will be able to find the right products for your course, making the purchase decisions easier. Choosing a retailer who can offer you top quality medical supplies suitable for physiotherapy students to use, whether you are on the sports field, in a clinic or in the classroom, is an important step in moving forward with your course.  By choosing an online retailer, such as UniKits, that has a full selection of physio products to choose from, this process will be much easier.

When using the Unikits online store, you can also choose to purchase products separately if you don’t require a full kit.  Because we understand that course requirements, and the products available, can change over time, we are always looking to update our product range.  So if you just need some bandages or cold packs to restock your already existing kit, you will find a range of options in our store.  You can rest assured that all of the products or kits that you choose will be from reputable brands and made from good quality materials that you can rely on.  This will ensure that you are never caught without a product you need, or with a product that is not up to the job at hand.

Of course most students are looking to save money wherever possible, and choosing to shop online can definitely help with this.  At Unikits, we pride ourselves on not only offering the best quality products from the top brands, but also offering these products at the best price we can.   We understand that purchasing course supplies can add up and be a big expense for some students, so we make every effort to offer the lowest price on the best products.

By shopping through the online store, rather than visiting several local supply stores around your area and at university, you are going to save on time as well. So, not only will you be paying low prices and have access to a wide range of high quality products, but you are also going to find everything in one place.  This means that you don’t have to take the time to visit several retailers in search of the right parts to make up your physio kit. With so many other things going on, this time saving can be a huge help to some students.  This time can definitely be better spent studying course materials, meeting class mates or doing some hands on training.

With Unikits supplying such a huge range of products from some of the industry’s leading brands, choosing to purchase all of your course products and physio kit requirements from our online store is a no brainer.  You will find any and all of the physio kits and supplies you need to buy, and won’t have to spend countless hours shopping around to find the best prices at a reasonable price. Trust in a company that has had nearly 30 years of experience in the medical supply industry and ensure you have the best products available to make your physiotherapy education a positive experience.  Choose to shop online with Unikits and we know you will be happy with your decision.

Whether you are looking for just a basic kit with only the bare minimum to start off your training, or you are looking for the top of the line physio kits to use out on the field, you can find what you need in our online shop.  There is no shortage of options and when possible, we even offer colour variations.  This helps students to identify their products from those of other students and those belonging to the university or tafe they are in.  So no matter what style, size, or variety of product you are looking for in the physio products you are purchasing, you can be sure that you can find an amazing range with Unikits.