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Unikits Clearance Items

Unikits Clearance Items

Occasionally Unikits will need to clear show moving stock at heavily discounted one-off pricing. Stock that falls into this category will be clearly marked as a clearance item and therefore will be limited in stock, no back orders and will not be available in the future once all stock is depleted. These clearance items will be deals too good to last and can be up to a 75% saving.

Unikits first clearance items are two nurses kits in orange, yes orange (1) Nurses Kit Orange with stethoscope, pouch and watch; and (2) Nurses Accessory Kit Orange with pouch and watch. So, why not take this opportunity to (a) stand out at work and know exactly where your equipment is, and (b) save loads of money with these heavily discounted products.

For those that want the math you can save $78 or just over 63% off the RRP for the kit with the stethoscope and save $27 or just over 64% of the RRP for the pouch/watch combination kit. Massive savings! Keep in mind, that these heavily discounted prices are because we need to move this stock. Clearance stock will be a discontinued product line so will not be reordering.

If you would like any more information on these kits that are in our clearance items, please either phone, email or fill out the form on our contact page.