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Unikits is a dedicated website designed to provide medical equipment specifically to students.  We have a vast range of medical products to choose from.  These are available either as individual products suitable for your education needs, or in a convenient range of kits that are tailored to the nursing profession.


Through our Liberty brand, we have been supplying products to the Australian medical market for nearly 30 years. Whether you are just starting out in your nursing education and need a standard nursing kit with only the basics for your course, or are at a more advanced stage that requires more specific items, the Unikits online store can help you out. We cater for nurses that work within the aged care sector, nursing agencies, day care and the hospital environment.


The products we supply are probably familiar to you, with the Liberty brand being used in most universities and tafes throughout Australia.  Other brands that we supply include Erka, Mac, Bollmann, Lawton and Nopa.  Choosing to purchase your student nursing kit from Unikits , as well as all the other items you may need, is a great way to benefit from our experience in the medical market.


From diagnostic sets to blood pressure cuffs, tourniquets and torches, and all the other products you may need in your nursing course, Unikits has it all. Choosing to make these purchases online, rather than in stores, is something that should really be considered. Not only will you find that shopping online with Unikits for your student nursing supplies will give you more and better options to choose from, but it can also be far more economical.  Buying your supplies online, rather than at your local supply store or university shop, can save you both time and money.


Because we are not confined to a physical store with limited display areas, our online store is able to offer a greater range of product options than your more traditional medical supply store or university shop. From the general supplies to the more specialist products, there is something for every nursing student.  At Unikits we understand the importance of having the right equipment.  This is why we are continually sourcing new and improved products to meet the rigorous demands of the nursing profession.  We also recognise that due to the broad range of nursing disciplines, product requirements vary for different students and different courses, and we try to cater for all of our customers’ needs.  When possible, we offer a range of colours – it not only helps to differentiate between personal and company property, but makes it more fun for the individual as well.


When you choose to shop online with us, you gain access to the best quality supplies available for student nursing kits. Unikits promises to stock only the best products available at the best price possible. So, whether you’re just looking for a new nurses pouch or need a whole kit, you can rest assured that the quality of all the products you purchase from us are not going to let you down.


Choosing to shop online with Unikits when looking for nursing products, or for a new student nurse kit, you can also save a great amount of time. Since you can find nearly any and everything in one place, you don’t have to waste precious time going from shop to shop, trying to find what you need. This may not seem like a big deal, but if you think about the limited time you have as a nursing student, then it really is a great benefit. By having to go to several medical supply stores, as well as to your campus supply store, you are wasting time that can be spent attending classes, meeting new tutors or catching up with friends.  Choosing to shop online for your course products and student nurse kit instead will give you the freedom to make your purchases for the comfort of your own home, and allow you to find a wide variety of kits to choose from.  This means you can find exactly what you need for your courses while keeping up with everything else in your life.


Of course, nearly every student is looking to save money whenever possible, so the savings you can make when purchasing online is bound to be the most appealing factor when choosing to shop online with Unikits . So, whether it is a replacement torch, or a complete new student nurse kit, you will find a great range of products to meet your needs.


Variety is always a great thing when shopping, and the variety we are able to offer in our product range is something our customers love when they are shopping online for their student nurse kit. Whether it is having the option to choose from a range of pouch colours and sizes, or having several different percussion hammers to choose from, you will not find a shortage of supplies when looking to purchase or top up your nursing kit. Unikits prides itself on having the supplies you need, at a reasonable. Don’t disadvantage yourself by not having the right equipment, or having an unreliable kit, and visit our online store to see what we can offer you.


No matter what the reason for choosing to shop online for your student nursing kit and supplies, you really should take the time to look through our online store to see what we have to offer. So rather than spend countless hours seeking out your supplies from several local medical retailers, you should save the time and choose to shop online for your student nurse kit instead. This will ensure you find the best quality option of the equipment you need, at a price you’re willing to pay.


Unikits offers regular specials on nursing products.  To keep up to date, just sign up to our free newsletter.  You can also keep up to date by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

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