Liberty CPR Pocket Resuscitation Mask

$7.50 AUD


The Liberty CPR Mask is a single-use mask used for mouth to mask ventilation.

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The Liberty CPR Mask is ready to use right out of its rugged storage case. The latex-free mask comes complete with filtered inlet valve, O2 inlet port and head strap.



  • Bacterial air filter
  • Leakage free air cushion mask
  • Silicone one way valve
  • Single use material
  • Oxygen port
  • Detachable mouthpiece – mask can then be connected to other resuscitation devices
  • Mask shell folds for compact storage
  • Complete with compact carry case



  • Connections: 15 mmOD
  • Material: PVC – Single patient use
  • Oxygen Concentration: 40-80% (depending on flow and ventilation cycles)
  • Measurements (case): 138 x 108 x 48mm
  • Weight: 100g
  • Operating temperature: -18 to 50ºC



Colour Selection (ALL)

Black, Magenta, Navy Blue, Purple, Royal Blue, Teal, Violet

Latex or Latex Free

Contains Latex, Latex Free