Buck Neuro Reflex Hammer

$25.23 AUD

The Buck Neurological Reflex Hammer is a versatile dual mallet-type hammer with screw-in pointed tip and retractable brush and is designed and suited for attaining myotatic and cutaneous responses.

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  • Handle: The ergonomic chrome-plated brass handle is precisely balanced for increased control of force in the percussion.
  • Head: The balance-weighted head is outfitted with a large and small mallet constructed of soft TPR for precise percussions.
  • Retractable Brush: The built-in retractable brush at the base of the handle can be easily accessed to elicit cutaneous reflexes.
  • Integrated Pointed Tip: The recessed chrome-plated brass head


A reflex hammer is a medical instrument used by physicians to test deep tendon reflexes. Testing for reflexes is an important part of the neurological physical examination in order to detect abnormalities in the central or peripheral nervous system. Reflex hammers can also be used for chest percussion.