ACU Professional Midwifery Nurses Kit

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The ACU Midwifery Nurses Kit covers essential equipment needed by students and is the official University Kit for Midwifery. This kit contains the most popular items such as a stethoscope, sphygmomanometer, nurse’s watch, nurses pouch, fetal stethoscope, safety glasses, measuring tape, surgical scissors, artery forceps, pregnancy calculator wheel and a retractable ID tag holder. Colours Available: Black & Purple, and just added Royal Blue to the colour selection due to popularity.



Purple – on Backorder until early May 2020


All equipment included in this kit is designed to meet ACU (Australian Catholic University) requirements for midwifery nursing students Australia wide.


This kit includes:

  • Liberty Classic Tunable Stethoscope
  • Two-Hand Aneroid Sphygmomanometer with Velcro Cuff
  • Basic Fetal Stethoscope
  • Silicone FOB Watch
  • Retractable ID Tag Holder
  • ID Tag Holder Pocket Clear
  • Basic ‘Sharp/Blunt’ Straight Surgical Scissors 13cm
  • Basic Spencer Wells Artery Forceps Straight 13cm
  • Nurses Pouch Medium
  • Liberty Safety Glasses
  • Liberty 2-Metre Retractable Measuring Tape
  • Pregnancy Date Wheel


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Please note: If a product within this kit becomes out of stock, we will endeavour to replace it with the nearest alternative we have available.

Colour Selection

Black, Navy Blue, Pink, Purple, Royal Blue