ACU Brisbane Premium Paramedic Kit

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This Paramedic Kit with Classic Tunable Stethoscope covers essential equipment needed by students. This kit contains the most popular items such as a coloured stethoscope, basic one-hand sphygmomanometer, penlight torch and basic universal scissors. Colours Available: Black, purple and red only.


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All equipment included in this kit is approved by Australian Catholic University and also designed to meet the requirements for paramedic students Australia wide.


This kit includes:

  • Liberty Classic Tunable Stethoscope
  • Basic One-Hand Aneroid Sphygmomanometer with Velcro Cuff (Latex Free)
  • Liberty Luxury Penlight Torch
  • Basic Universal Scissors


Please note: If a product within this kit becomes out of stock, we will endeavour to replace it with the nearest alternative we have available.


Paramedic Kit Approved by ACU

Logo ACU (Australian Catholic University)

Colour Selection (ACU)

Black, Purple, Red