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More Products Added to the Stethoscope Range

Unikits has add to the Liberty Stethoscope range by including the Classic, Single Head, Sprague Rappaport and Dual Head Stethoscopes in a great range of colours. Click here to view the range of stethoscopes   The top of the range is the Liberty Classic Tunable Stethoscope with superior


Holiday Inspiration with New Products Added to Unikits

We are preparing ourselves for the University onslaught from now until April 2018 and have added a great range of extra products that can be purchased individually or added to your nurses kit order. Unikits has added medical products such as reflex hammers, sphygmomanometers, stethoscopes, surgical


How to use a Stethoscope correctly

Did you know, that nobody knows the right way to use a stethoscope? Whether it is which way to position the earpieces, or telling which side is the diaphragm or bell, at some point everyone gets perplexed by this medical essential. It might be the symbol


Unikits Freebie for Orders Over $100 – Limited Stock

For those of you where a freebie could make the difference on a sale, Unikits are offering - for a limited time, a FREE Unikits Messenger Laptop Bag for all orders over $100. The Unikits messenger bag is made out of a light weight yet sturdy

Unikits Clearance Items

Unikits Clearance Items

Occasionally Unikits will need to clear show moving stock at heavily discounted one-off pricing. Stock that falls into this category will be clearly marked as a clearance item and therefore will be limited in stock, no back orders and will not be available in the

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Essential Items That New Nurses Should Have

Quality equipment at a minimal price is what most students are looking for, and so you should. Having the basics while you study is most important as this will enable you to establish and perfect your skills. It is also important to start with the

Welcome Back Unikits

Unikits is a website dedicated to providing medical equipment to students in relevant courses such as physiotherapy.  We have had 30 years’ experience supplying the medical industry in Australia through our Liberty brand, and we take pride in supplying only the best quality products to