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How to use a Stethoscope correctly

Did you know, that nobody knows the right way to use a stethoscope?

Whether it is which way to position the earpieces, or telling which side is the diaphragm or bell, at some point everyone gets perplexed by this medical essential. It might be the symbol of your medical student status, but that won’t prevent you being left prodding at a patient’s thorax, desperately trying to hear anything that resembles a heartbeat.

We are here to help!

Here you will find instructions for using the Liberty Stethoscopes head frame and chest piece.


Head Frame

  • Before placing the ear tips of the head frame in your ears, ensure the ear tips face away from you as illustrated below.
  • Once seated, you may need to adjust each tip to ensure a proper fit and seal to the ear canal.


Note:  Placing the tips in your ears when they face towards you will result in minimal or no sound as this is not anatomically aligned to the ear canal (see above).


Dual Head Chest Piece

The dual head stethoscopes have two sides. the diaphragm side and the open conical bell side. To ensure that this is set correctly as only one side can be active at any one time, rotate the chest piece until a click is felt. See diagram below for visual representation.


Test to see which side is active (sounds can be clearly heard from the active side) and if this is not the correct side you wish to use, grasp the stem of the chest piece to which the tubing is attached and rotate 180 degrees until it clicks into position.


Note: Any position, other than a clicked position, will result in minimal or no sound.


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